Whether it’s walking through nature along marked routes or relying on your own sense of direction, Liperi has everything you need for backpacking. In the event of sudden inclement weather, the numerous lean-tos and huts offer shelter and a place for a snack break. The Kinttupolut trails are easy to navigate. There are also routes suitable for families with children in Liperi, along good transport connections.

Please note that you can pick berries and mushrooms along the way!


Liperi and its abundant waters are a favourite for birds! Particularly during the migrations of spring and autumn, birds can be observed all around Liperi. The lakes, rivers, streams, fields, bogs and different kinds of forests offer resting places and habitats for many diverse species of birds. Climb up the bird hide to observe birds from above, or watch from ground level and see what kinds of birds you can spot, and what they get up to.


Liperi is a fantastic place for cyclists: we have different kinds of routes for both a casual Sunday ride and challenging, active exercise.

Kinttupolut offer mountain biking routes of varying levels of difficulty to suit the needs of everyone, from beginners to seasoned cyclists. There are 65 km of marked mtb-routes in Liperi, and connecting routes provide a direct path to Joensuu trails (over 200 kilometres of marked routes in total). Downhill mountain bikers are served by Pärnä Bike Park. The diverse routes can be found using the Outdooractive service.

For long-distance cycling or summery bike trips, there are plenty of gravel roads and accompanying countryside scenery, and there is a paved pedestrian and cycle route all the way from Liperi village to Joensuu.


Liperi’s waters have plenty of fish for angling and sport fishing alike. You can get the best tips and tricks by embarking on a guided fishing trip. These are offered in the Liperi area by Ollilan tupa and Karvisen Kissanpäivät.


The Liperi municipality offers opportunities for frisbee golf at five diverse courses: Liperi, Salokylä, the Ylämylly school, Ollilan tupa, and Kaatamo.

Horseback riding

How about a tour of the sights from up on a saddle? Liperi has many stables, where you can go on leisurely rides through the local forests, dive into the world of Western riding, or sit on the back of a reliable and sure-footed Icelandic horse. Liperi Riding Centre, with its riding rings and diverse horses, offers classes, courses and training for equestrians of all levels, from beginner to professional.

Rubber raft trips

Taipaleenjoki river, which runs from Viinijärvi to Saimaa’s Heposelkä, offers the beauty of nature and rich cultural scenery. The home port for the rubber raft trips is located in Heponiemi, Liperi, and trips are made not only along Taipaleenjoki river, but other waters in the Joensuu area as well.


Liperi’s population centres and villages offer a diverse range of ski trails, with something for skiers of every level. The Pärnävaara Sports Centre offers a diverse network of trails. The First Snow Ski Track makes it possible to start skiing as early as November, and the trails closest to the centre have lighting. Skijoring and biathlon are also options at Pärnävaara. As the snow melts, Pärnävaara offers the option of roller skiing.

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