Major attractions

Cable ferry Nestori

Nestori, a cable ferry operating at Arvinsalmi, is one of Finland’s largest and is an experience in and of itself. It transports even the largest groups across Arvinsalmi, sailing between the municipalities of Liperi and Rääkkylä. Aboard the ferry, you can see the breathtaking Finnish lake landscape, which you will have time enough to admire from the deck during the trip.

Tutjuntie 208, 83160 Liperi

Countryside Museum Tähkä

The museum area of Penttilä in Liperi is home to a vast amount of Liperi’s history. In addition to Countryside Museum Tähkä, the area is host to, among others, the Pharmacy Museum; Tuomelantupa, which showcases life in the 1800s; the Enwald Museum, which is modeled after the home of a civil servant family from the start of the century; and a traditional windmill and drying barn. Learn more about current exhibitions on the museums’ own webpages.

Koulukuja 1, 83100 Liperi

Estate Museum MMM and Parren Paroni Miniature Railway

The old Lammu farm is the ideal attraction for families with children! Estate Museum MMM (Mummon Maalaismuseo, ‘Grandma’s Countryside Museum’) invites you to learn about the farm’s history and the fashion of decades past. Hidden away in the old cowshed, you can wonder at and admire the miniature railway built by the owner, which has about 80 locomotives and 300 train cars, and 170 metres of tracks. You can also take a break to enjoy some coffee and ice cream made using the farm’s own honey.

Parrenmäentie 18, 83250 Liperi

Kompero Local Museum

The Kompero Local Museum is located on a beautiful island in the middle of Siikakoski, which was home to a significant centre of industry in the 1800s. The baize cloth factory that once stood there produced fabric for the army of the Tsar, for example. The buildings of the current museum grounds have been received as donations from the nearby areas, and through them, you can dive deep into the local history.

Kontkalantie 33, 83400 Viinijärvi

Liperi Church

At the centre of Liperi village, near the shore of Kirkkolahti, a red brick church stands tall. Upon its completion at the end of the 1850s, it was the first church made of brick in North Karelia. It was designed by architect Georg Theodor Chiewitz. The current church is the fifth to stand at the site, as the previous ones were destroyed in fires.

Tutjuntie 1, 83100 Liperi

Mylly Car Museum

The car museum boasts over 300 vehicles, as well as miniatures, radios, televisions, boat motors and other various items. The roots of this family-owned museum go back all the way to the 1960s, when the restoration of cars began.

Ylämyllyntie 87 B, 80400 Ylämylly

Ollila Museum and Handicrafts Shop

The Ollilan tupa Museum and handicrafts shop are open during the summer. The museum’s collection consists of items, tools and furniture which tell of the farm’s history. The shop sells Finnish handicrafts and Finnish design.

Mattisenlahdentie 37, 80400 Ylämylly

Päivilä Sanctuary

The Päivilä Sanctuary is the homestead of Ph.D. Sylvi-Sanni Manninen, which she wished to dedicate to taking the time to quiet down and listening to nature. The Päivilä Sanctuary Foundation continues Sylvi-Sanni Manninen’s life’s work of increasing understanding of sensitive people. During the summer, the farm organises many events, such as exhibitions, live music, workshops, courses and yoga.

Päivilä-Leskelä 28, 83100 Liperi

Pirunpelto huts

In Heponiemi, Liperi, you can find the unique village of Pirunpelto huts, where you can spend your leisure time in good company. The sauna offers gentle heat and steam, and you will not go hungry with food from the grill hut. The area also has an old-fashioned bathing tub and the opportunity to spend the night in a small cabin.

Kiiessalo-Heponiemi 38 N, 83400 Viinijärvi

The Church of the Theotokos of Tikhvin

The church of the Theotokos of Tikhvin, located in Viinijärvi village (formerly Taipale), is the main church of the Orthodox congregation of Taipale. It was completed in 1906 and designed by J. O. Leander, a master builder from Sortavala.

Viinijärventie 8, 83400 Viinijärvi
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