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Liperi is located in the immediate vicinity of Joensuu, the capital of the North Karelia region.
Saimaa, one of Finland’s largest and most beautiful lakes, surrounds Liperi on all sides. In Northern Saimaa, the scenery is impressive and the water is clean and clear. There are many kilometres’ worth of untouched beaches, and the rowing, canoeing and water travel opportunities in Liperi are amazing.

Liperi’s history on the border between the East and West is rich and full of colourful events. The influence of the Orthodox and Lutheran churches remains strong – today, the religions live in harmony. There are many fine Orthodox and Lutheran churches to be found in Liperi.
Liperi has an abundance of museums, the most significant of which are the Countryside Museum Tähkä, the Ylämylly Car Museum and the Kompero Local Museum.

Liperi’s centre for water-based tourism is in Kirkkolahti, Liperi, where marina services can be found. Another significant marina is located in Saaristonranta, where boaters can find the services they need as well as the well-known beach restaurant, Saaristonpuoti. The centre for backpacking, bike and hiking routes is Pärnävaara’s sports centre, which is located only 15 kilometres away from Joensuu city centre, next to the airport.

Liperi offers accommodations surrounded by peaceful countryside scenery, or right by more populated urban areas. For those who appreciate quality, we offer locally produced food to buy, and local restaurants for those who find themselves in need of something to eat. Liperi is known as a breadbasket, and agriculture and product refinement are still significant industries in Liperi.

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