Pärnävaara Sports Center is located in Ylämylly, Liperi. From the center of Joensuu, you can get there by car in only 15 minutes. The area is known for its diverse services.

Summer time routes and maps

Retkeilijät laavulla
During summer time, Pärnävaara is an excellent destination for campers and bikers. The Kinttupolut trails offer safe orienteering even for those with less experience, as the trails are clearly marked and there is no need for a map as long as you stay on the trails. There are several resting spots along the trails. The Kinttupolut trails connect to those around Joensuu, creating a network approximately 200 kilometers long!

In addition to the dream trails for mountain bikers, Pärnä Bike Park is located next to Pärnävaara Sports Centre. There you can try downhill cycling on four different routes.

Roller skiers, roller skaters, skate boarders and cyclists can enjoy the five-kilometer-long illuminated asphalt track that goes around the stadium and the nearby lake Pohjalampi.

Kinttupolut -trails map
Pärnä Bike Park -map
Joensuun trails map
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Ski tracks and winter trails

Nainen ja mies pyöräilemässä talvisessa maisemassa
The ski tracks in Pärnävaara offer enough challenge for skiers of all levels! During the winter, the area offers tracks for both skate skiing and classical skiing. The hilly ski tracks are good for experienced skiers, and less experienced skiers can safely practice their skills on the ski tracks in the stadium. There are several resting spots along the ski tracks.

The Sports Center has an illuminated ski track five kilometers long. From this track, you can get to a route that goes to Joensuu via Lykynlampi outdoor center. The illuminated track is available for skiers even before the natural snow cover and winter arrive, as the first snow ski track is constructed along the illuminated route. The first snow season usually lasts from October to December, until the natural snow tracks are completed. 

On Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings, the Sports Center gets a bit busier when the tracks are open for dog sled training.

The Pärnä Winter Trail offers a good environment for snowshoeing, winter biking and camping. The trail is open all year round. The winter trail maintenance information can be found in the online ski track service.
Ladut, talvipolut, laavut ja kodat löydät alla olevista linkeistä!
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Services in the area

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