Food and drink

Heinonen bakery

A bakery-café located in the Mylläri shopping centre in Ylämylly. Offers pizza and baked goods in addition to lunches.

Ylämyllyntie 78, 80400 Liperi


An atmospheric cafe and lunch restaurant in the heart of Liperi’s historical mill and dairy scenery.

In the shop in the same premises, you can find local products and handicrafts.

Meijeritie 1, 83100 Liperi

Pulla Pulju

A comfortable café located in Viinijärvi, which offers delicious treats baked on-site every day. In addition to freshly made buns, Pulla Pulju offers its famous pies, bread and other savoury treats.

Viinijärventie 26, 83400 Viinijärvi

Puromäki garden boutique and summer café

The garden grows and sells a broad range of locally produced food. During the summer, there is a café adjacent to the garden, spreading out from the terrace to the potagerie.

Roukalahdentie 54 B, 83100 Liperi

Restaurant Gaiju

An atmospheric countryside restaurant located in Vaivio. Diverse selection of food and drink.

Vaiviontie 75 A, 83450 Vaivio

Restaurant Omar

A Jordanian restaurant located in Liperi village. Diverse selection of food.

Saariston puoti

A summer restaurant located in Saaristonranta, with a beautiful view of Saimaa. The restaurant is known for its delicious pizzas. Open during May–August.

Saaristotie 25, 83160 Tutjunniemi

Summer and event restaurant SUMMER

A comfortable restaurant at the Kirkkolahti marina. Diverse selection of food and drink, as well as live performers. Open during May–August.

Heinävedentie 2, 83100 Liperi
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